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Northgard: disponibile la nuova patch 0.3


Nelle scorse ore Shiro Games ha reso disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento dedicato al suo titolo strategico incentrato sui vichinghi, Northgard.

L’update in questione, presentato tramite il video che trovate in calce, permette ai giocatori di incontrare i Koboldi per la prima volta, una fazione neutrale che occuperà porzioni di mappa casuali.

Ricordiamo che il titolo è disponibile in Early Access su Steam.

Qui di seguito trovate le note della patch 0.3:
New content:
Vedrfolnir, the mystical hawk

This spectacular creature has been harmed by Draugar and you might find him, hurting somewhere around Northgard. Once you heal him to full health, Vedrfolnir will rise and you’ll earn 100 Lore.

Once healed, he’ll wander around Northgard for a whole year and will discover 6 new areas for your clan!

New neutral faction: The Kobolds

They occupy several tiles in the map that may have precious resources. If you player want to get these resources you’ll have to wipe their camp. But doing so, you’ll lose the ability to trade with the Kobolds. Be cautious: they are pretty generous allies but very resentful enemies.

New tile: Thor’s Wrath

Control the Thor’s Wrath tile and become a follower of the hammer-wielding god of thunder! Colonizing this tile will grant you 50 Fame and 5% factionwide bonus attack power.

New tile: Lake

The new lake tile always has fish and the Bear Clan have great chances to have one near their town hall. The cost of the Fisherman’s hut has been reduced from 60 to 40 wood.

New tile: the Geyser

Your clan can now relax around this nice hot water source. Colonizing a Geyser tile will grant the player +1 in happiness and will reduce wood consumption during winter by 10%.

Other additions
  • You are now notified whenever your units enter a fight (if you didn’t initiate the fight)
  • You can now choose the target of your healers in the healer’s hut
  • Disease modification: a sick unit now loses 50% of its max HP and then stops being sick.
  • Rat infestation now gets some of your units sick (how many depends on your population).
  • When your population is starving or freezing, buying food or wood while keeping your food or wood production below 0 won’t reset your starvation/freezing status anymore. Having a positive stock of resources will reduce slowly the number of starving/frozen units. Having a positive production rate will reset the starvation/freezing status.
Lore changes
  • Industrious: Only food generating building now can have an extra worker when upgraded
  • Carpentry masteries : down from 30% to 20% upgrade cost reduction
  • Goat Amenities has been moved. It now replaces ShipBuilding (formerly replaced Medecine).

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